So who are we and what do we do for Westwood Village? And what are some of our accomplishments of the past year? Watch this video to learn more about the WVIA.

Five years ago, Westwood property owners responded to a lack of service and attention in our District by voting to create the Westwood Business Improvement District (WBID). The results were immediate and the negative trends that defined our overall aesthetic reversed.

There is a feeling of change in Westwood. New developments are leasing, new businesses have opened their doors, and the Westwood Business Improvement District (WBID) has renewed with a 10-year term, extending through 2026. 

This promise of the future is reflected in the opinions of our stakeholders. There is more hope and optimism surrounding Westwood now than in any time in recent memory. In years past, when a business would close, the conversation would focus on the loss. Today, there is excitement regarding which new business will join our community. 

The buzz surrounding our district is real, as is the potential for greater growth. Our district has never been as well positioned as it is today, beginning with the renewal of the WBID, a clear message that the work of the Westwood Village Improvement Association (WVIA) is paying off.

Our success is attributed to the stewardship of our Board of Directors, but strategic partnerships have also bolstered our effectiveness.

To cite a few examples from the past year, our partners at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation delivered to our district WVIA branded dynamic signage to inform our visitors of real-time parking availability. Further, Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative reconstructed stretches of our sidewalk, and a mid-block crosswalk on Westwood Blvd., will be built within the year. Finally, in early 2017, UCLA will manage the operations for two Westwood Village bike share hubs purchased by the WVIA. 

Our ability to leverage key relationships has stretched our value beyond what WBID assessments can fund, providing a greater return on investment for our ratepayers. While the WVIA’s clean, safe, and marketing programs outlined in this report remain our core mission, our guidance and leadership are having an undeniably positive impact in our community.

The achievements of the WVIA would not be possible without the support of our stakeholders. We thank you for your continued commitment as we work to deliver on the promise of this great district.

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We are telling the story of our district. To further this goal, we have just produced a marketing video to highlight some of the things we think make Westwood such a special place. Our video is only a couple of minutes long, and we tried to cram as many items and locations in our video as possible.